Baderbau Brewing Co.

The Story:
In 1989, when Baderbräu was first introduced in Chicago, its upstart spirit, revolutionary nature, and award-winning flavor captured the imagination of a great city. Baderbräu was the first craft beer made in Chicago, and was dearly missed after its disappearance in the late 90’s. Because of the interest Chicagoans showed in the beer even ten years after its disappearance, Rob Soma and his team not only tracked down the original recipe, but founded Baderbräu Brewing Company in 2014. Thier company recreated the original pilsener and developed a variety of seasonal flavors under their acquired trademark.

The Design:
Baderbräu’s devoted following demanded a nostalgic nod to the 90’s, but I highlighted it’s contemporary revitalization using imagery that energized something old or mundane. The references to the old or mundane can be emphasized through use of black and white imagery contrasted with the addition of bold colors to energize the design as a whole. Hand lettering combined with a rounded sans serif typeface would add a playful tone to the packaging, as well as echo the hand crafted quality to the beer. Overall, the tone of the packaging should reflect the character of Baderbräu Brewing Company: nostalgic, revitalized, and fun-loving.

For more information about this project, see the Design_Brief.pdf