Typographic Explorations: Wild, Cheryl Strayed

Using an excerpt from Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, I arranged a series of typographic compositions. Each composition emphasizes one of the following design principles: Alignment, Continuation, Correspondence, Proximity, Separation, Layering, and Image Integration. Several of the resulting compositions are displayed below, while the complete set form this final Type Book.



In my final typographic exploration, I was challenged to integrate my excerpt with imagery. My concept for this series can be summed up in one verb: refining.

In Wild, Cheryl Strayed deals with immense greif after losing her mother. While hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, she burns the pages of her guide book after she completes each section. With each burned page, the load Cheryl has to carry is lightened. This process is symbolic of the weight of her greif lightening as her journey on the trail progresses.

To visualize this concept, I replicated the process of page burning and took photos of the different stages. When integrating the text, I included the majority of the excerpt within the first image, arranging the words to act as a pile, or load. The third paragraph is the turning point of the excerpt, and it’s placed in the middle image as if it’s going through the fire and beginning to burn and float away. The last image holds only what remains: Cheryl Strayed and her book, Wild, which were the results of her journey.