Client: Senior Thesis / The Right Question Institute
Role: Research, branding, and user experience design

My senior research began with a deep dive into the nature of curiosity and questioning. I found that good question-askers are proven to be more successful. However, students ask fewer and fewer questions as they get older, and this decline starts as they begin grade school. 

The Right Question Institute is a nonprofit educational organization offering a simple, powerful strategy that builds people’s skills to ask better questions. They call it the Question Formulation Technique (QFT), and it’s a wonderful strategy that teachers can utilize to help their students learn the skill of questioning, while simultaneously engaging the students’ curiosity and gaining an understanding of what their students already know about a topic. It’s an excellent strategy, but it lacks form. That’s where I recognized a need for design. 

Inq is an app that gives the Question Formulation Technique form: it provides the QFT as an activity that helps students develop their questioning skills in the classroom. It turns an idea into a physical tool for teachers to run the activity with minimal prep work.

The app has two views: teacher and student.

The student view shows the individual’s progress as he or she brainstorms, edits, and prioritizes their own questions, while the teacher view allows the organizer to see the students’ progress in real time. Teacher view controls the topic and pace of the activity, and offers the option to save and return to past Inq sessions.

Student View

Teacher View

I set up a demo of the inq app for both the student and teacher views in a gallery space for users to test the prototype in person.

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This project was featured in the Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition, “The Self; The Other,” and in Judson University’s 2017 Student Juried Exhibition. It also received a grant from AIGA Chicago so I can pursue making the inq app a reality. This goal rests in the hands of the Right Question Institute, who owns the intellectual rights to the Question Formulation Technique. Stay tuned for updates as we work together to enable people to become better questioners!

Still curious?
To experience the app yourself, explore
 the inq desktop app demo.
For the unabridged form of my research and process, view the The Making of Inq.